Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh, The Difference A Little Color Makes!

As a newbie Tarot enthusiast, of course I bought a tried and true Rider-Waite deck. I figured that it would be good to have the original to refer to when learning all the different meanings of the cards. I disliked them the minute I opened the deck and looked through them. :/ They just fell flat for me. I was really disappointed (mostly in myself, I think) with them. They just didn't speak to me like some of my other decks.

I put it down to them being old fashioned, or something. Figured I was a 'New Age' kinda gal and just couldn't connect to them for that reason. LOL! Not true. Turns out that it was simply their lack of color that was limiting my inspiration from them. My son and I were at Borders looking for a book for him, when I came across the Radiant Rider-Waite Deck. Oh, what a difference. These images popped out at me almost immediately. My son and I sat in the coffee shop and shuffled through them with growing excitement at each card.

I pulled out the 5 of Swords and pushed it across the table at my son. I asked him what he thought he was going on in that card. He nailed it right away! He said, "He won the sword fight and he's laughing at them." LOL! Children are so in touch with their intuition. He didn't even hesitate or think about it. Just blurted out what he felt about the image. :D

Here is the original 5 of Swords:

And the 5 of Swords from the Radiant Deck: